In Chinese Medicine the Dermatology Speciality has traditionally included not only skin conditions but also sores, gouts, many cancers and sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunctions. Skin conditions can certainly be helped with acupuncture, dermatology  tends to be more an herbal thing.

In Chinese Medicine, the categories of the diseases may follow in different places than Western textbooks. Modern textbooks obviously  tend to follow more the western categories while older books follow categories that seem more generalized. Or at least it appears that way to me.

The other thing to remember is that as in all Chinese medicine treatment follows the underlying patterns or heat and cold, damp and dryness. This means that two cases of eczema and psoriasis which both look and feel inflamed and itch will be treated more the same than two cases of psoriasis in which one is pale and the other is red and inflamed.

HERBAL-MASK-NEGsmallIn 2002, I spent a month in the Dermatology Department at the Beijing First TCM Hospital . Then a few years later in 2004,  I was there another 2 weeks. Since then I have been learning and perfecting herbs for dermatology. For the most part in Beijing I saw few of the more serious, esoteric or complicated cases but concentrated on the more common skin problems such as those listed below:.

Psoriasis – 白疕 báibǐ & Eczema –  湿瘡 shī chuāng

RIngworm – tinea – 癣 xuǎn

Acne – 粉刺 fěncì

Rosacea – 酒渣鼻 jiǔzhābí