BABY TIANMEN luluTestimonials

“After my surgery, the doctors didn’t have any instructions on how to heal, so I took that matter into my own hands. When a trusted friend heard I was considering acupuncture, he gave Doug very high marks, and so I paid my first of many visits. I am always impressed with Doug’s mellow and light-hearted manner, as well as his present and authentic concern for mystate-of-being. I know I am getting top-notch treatment, because Doug is also a teacher of Chinese medicine, and is passing his knowledge to a new generation of practitioners. Doug asks me questions to remind me that I am an active participant in my healing, and that my intention is vital to the result. Thank you, Doug.”

– M Brems

“I thought you were kidding when you said to stop at the drug-store on the way home. I got my period later than night! It’s been several months of feeling very uncomfortable and I’m so thankful”

“My pain is gone! Finally I think I can sleep tonight for the first time in weeks!”

“At 42 I was too young for menopause, (with your treatments) the night sweating has gone away and the periods are more regular”

“I had been living with this stomach crap for years. I can’t believe it’s finally resolved itself after just a few treatments.”

“Basically, all the symptoms went away by the next day.”

“Just wanted to call to let you know I’m pregnant. You always said it was possible.”

And the less scientific:

“Acu-delic treatment, Doug”

“These needles feel like Jazz”

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