Treatment with Chinese Medicine


A small list of the things I treat.

Acupuncture and EmotionsI really like the Chinese system of psychology. It’s great to help people realize their emotional health and potential.

Diabetes Chinese Medicine for diabetes symptoms.

Acupuncture & the StomachChinese Medicine is very good with stomach issues of all types.

Headaches and Migraines....Chinese Medicine does very well with Headaches and Migraines

Hep C For years Hepatitis C was my “specialty” and I’m glad that fewer and fewer people have come in for this as the new medications seem to work very well.

In addition I did several weeks of study in the dermatology department at Beijing Hospital and taken numerous courses here in the States for that speciality.

My newest interest is in treating Lyme.

My post-graduate continuing education classes (we have to 30 hours a year) include cancer support, several classes in advanced herbology, classical theory, psychology of Chinese Medicine, taichi, qi gong and many, many others.

Chinese Medicine was the sole medicine in China and Asia (with influences from the Mid-east) up until the 1600’s. For that reason we believe that we treat everything but it doesn’t mean we can cure everything.

Sometimes it is said that Western medicine treats diseases and we treat patterns. This isn’t strictly true, its just we have different words (many times) for them. However it is true once we have identified the disease we then look for a pattern that fits the patient. So if someone has “asthma” (气喘 qìchuǎn) it can be “dry phlegm”, “damp-heat” or “kidney yin deficiency”. Treatment for these is very different. I believe this puts us at a distinct advantage over western medicine.

One of the other dermatology doctors in Beijing.