Office Hours

map2 flatOffice Hours

I work mainly from 12 to 8 clinic outside 2on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and 12 to 4 on Thursday and Friday. An appointment is always needed. Call 31O-403- 7O18.

If these times are not good you can contact me or one of the other practitioners in my office:

20151014_141128Other times are possible but I also teach some days at Emperors College. I simply don’t go to the office before noon because of other commitments.

My prices for cash, credit cards and checks at the time of treatment are very, very reasonable. I would really prefer not to do any insurance. I can write you a bill and you can submit it but I assume no responsibility for your coverage. Sorry, I don’t take Medi-Care or Medi-Cal.

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  • Douglas Eisenstark Acupuncture

    2001 S. Barrington (just North of Olympic -4 blocks west of Sawtelle, 3 East of Bundy) room 118 WLA 310-403-7018