Chronic Hepatitis

Hepatitis C

bambooburningmanFor over 15 years I have been treating people with Chronic Hepatitis C (HCV). Fortunately, there is now a real cure (we all hope) that seems to work (if very expensive). Many patients came to me with this problem and then ended up being treated for all the other complaints they had.

Below is somewhat of a historical document from over 10 years ago-

You, one of your friends or family may have gotten a diagnosis of Hepatitis (B or C). This may or may not have been a surprise but now you have some challenges and decisions ahead of you.Treating Chronic Hepatitis with Chinese Medicine has 3 objectives:

Treat symptoms such as itching, stomach upset etc…

Prevent long-term damage to the liver

If possible, try to kill the virus

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been considering the effects of liver damage for many years. In the 1980s China developed its own hepatitis B epidemic. The doctors there have for the last 20 years been refining Chinese herbal medicine to lessen the damage of both hepatitis B and C. They have found that Chinese herb formulas can help to protect the liver against long-term damage of the hepatitis virus. Chinese formulas can be modified to work with patients with or without interferon.

With C, the patient may have been infected for decades before having complaints that may be brought to the Chinese medical practitioner.

 At this time I can not guarantee that I can reverse a person’s HCV status, that is to kill the virus. I am confident in the other aspects of the herbal treatment.
The strength of the Chinese Medicine is that we can often find a treatable diagnosis in symptoms that Western medicine may disregard. It is also a challenge for the patient who must have faith in a treatment (usually with herbs) that may take months or years that may or may not affect the Western tests.

With Chinese Medicine, it is fairly easy to determine the diagnosis if not the treatment for the beginning and ending stages of hepatitis. That is to say: in the stages where there are multiple complaints: in the beginning, jaundice and flu like symptoms and in the end stages (if and when it comes to that) where in B and C there is significant liver damage causing cirrhosis, skin affectations and bleeding disorders. It is the middle chronic stage that is a challeng and that was the focus of my study in China.

In the Spring of 2002, I traveled to the Beijing City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine where I studied with some of the doctors on the cutting edge of TCM treatment.