I really love Chinese Herbs.

For 3 thousand years the Chinese have refined the intricate healing properties of natural substances. They can be used for symptomatic relief of common complaints such as headaches, arthritis, muscular stiffness, allergies, digestive problems, menstrual pain, insomnia and irritability. More importantly they also be used to profoundly to treat things that Western Medicine have no medicinals as well as enhance one’s longevity and constitutional health. Chinese Herbal Medicine is a vital complement to acupuncture treatments. The granules I use are sold around the world including Australia, Europe which are manufactured to the highest quality, surpassing the standards of the USA.

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Herb room – Shanghai 1995

I own an herb company called Eagleherbs.com.

Herbs may be taken as pills or granules that are taken twice a day in warm water. In special cases, I may prescribe raw herbs that can be filled in Santa Monica or  Chinatown. These are very strong but many people prefer them.