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Now licensed for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in California for 22 years!

(My first 10 years my acupuncture office was in Santa Monica. That’s why this page is SantaMonicaacupuncture.com. Now my office is just across the border in West Los Angeles at 2001 S. Barrington room 118 WLA, CA 90025 (310-403-7108).

The office website is roomoneoneeight.com. I was written up as “best the (5th best!) place to get acupuncture in Los Angeles”. Its not such a big deal but I thank my friend Cindy Rosenberg for giving my name to the writer of the article. http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/top-lists/best-places-for-acupuncture-in-los-angeles/

I’ve been practiDoug Eisenstark Acupuncture and Herbscing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 1996 when I got my license from the California State Board. What has attracted me to Chinese Medicine has been the conception of the body and its relationship to the “self” (including the mind). Having a fairly typical American upbringing I was dissatisfied with how the physical world interacted with internal emotions. I was living in New York City in the 1980’s near Chinatown and increasingly when I was ill would visit the local herb shop to get better. In 1991 I came to Los Angeles and began acupuncture school at Emperor’s College. What I found was a medicine and philosophy that would take me on this long and wonderful journey. In this time I have been to China for 3 relatively short trips and continually studied and educated myself. A few years after graduating in 1996 I was asked to join the teaching and clinical faculty at Emperors College and Yo-San University.


Chinese Medicine had been the only medicine in Asia up until very recently. As a result it has developed its own paradigm or medical science that
rivals and often exceeds that of Western medicine. We can’t cure everything but we can make big improvements in many things that elude Western medicine. Give it a try.

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

For over 15 years I have been teaching and a clinic supervisor at Emperor’s College and Yo-San University in Santa Monica.

After the passing of my friend Al Stone, I inherited his herbal on-line company called Eagleherbs.com. We sell herbs directly to consumers.

My colleagues at Emperor's College and staff from PMPH press (Beijing).
My colleagues at Emperor’s College and staff from PMPH press (Beijing).

In this website I will often quote from writings from the Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine that I wrote a few years ago for PMPH publishers.
This is from the introduction.

Chinese medicine is the culmination of thousands of years of Chinese history and culture. It has developed into a unique theoretical and clinical science involving the natural sciences, spiritual exploration, the humanities and the social sciences. Chinese medicine has now spread throughout all countries and regions of the world and where its theories and concepts have become increasingly relevant for the reassessment of contemporary western medicine.

Chinese medicine is best known in the west through acupuncture but the medicine encompasses much more than that. Acupuncturists in China are known as zhenjiu (针灸) doctors or acupuncture and moxibustion doctors. Moxibustion is the burning of special herbs near the acupuncture points and many practitioners only do moxibustion. The field also has specialties of tui na (推拿) or manual massage therapy, as well as qi gong (气功), tai ji quan (太极拳) and other adjunct therapies. Whether a person is practicing herbs, acupuncture or tui na, the fundamentals of medicine remain the same and vital to clinical success.

I also ran a website called taiqi.com for almost 25 years. I sold the name recently and now own taiqi.me