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“After my surgery, the doctors didn’t have any instructions on how to heal, so I took that matter into my own hands. When a trusted friend heard I was considering acupuncture, he gave Doug very high marks, and so I paid my first of many visits. I am always impressed with Doug’s mellow and light-hearted manner, as well as his present and authentic concern for mystate-of-being. I know I am getting top-notch treatment, because Doug is also a teacher of Chinese medicine, and is passing his knowledge to a new generation of practitioners. Doug asks me questions to remind me that I am an active participant in my healing, and that my intention is vital to the result. Thank you, Doug.”

– M Brems

“I thought you were kidding when you said to stop at the drug-store on the way home. I got my period later than night! It’s been several months of feeling very uncomfortable and I’m so thankful”

“My pain is gone! Finally I think I can sleep tonight for the first time in weeks!”

“At 42 I was too young for menopause, (with your treatments) the night sweating has gone away and the periods are more regular”

“I had been living with this stomach crap for years. I can’t believe it’s finally resolved itself after just a few treatments.”

“Basically, all the symptoms went away by the next day.”

“Just wanted to call to let you know I’m pregnant. You always said it was possible.”

And the less scientific:

“Acu-delic treatment, Doug”

“These needles feel like Jazz”

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Douglas Eisenstark

Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac.

bike and child


Clinic Supervisor at Emperor’s College since 1999
externship supervisor: Venice Family Clinic, LA Free Clinic

Instructor: Emperor’s College and Yo-San University: Clinical Point Selection, Case Review, Advanced Formulas, Ear and Scalp Acupuncture, Acupuncture Techniques, Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

Co-writer: Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine PMPH
PMPH Eisenstark Fundamentals

Editor and Translation:The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Psoriasis & Cutaneous
Pruritis by Lu Chuan-jian, Xuan Guo-wei   ISBN 978-7-117-09242-5/R·9243 (2008)

Creator of Acuvideo: Finding the Acupuncture Points DVD with Huabing Wen  (2005)

Author: Acupuncture Microsystems: an Overview  (2009)

Caregiver Magazine 1998 (several articles)
The Fearless Caregiver (book, editor Gary Barg) ISBN-13: 978-1931868563

reviewer & past editor of
past moderator of Chinese Herb Academy, Yahoo Groups
Doug’s first career was an artist, photographer and video editor but for many years had an interest in Chinese Medicine. His interest grew while living for 12 years in New York City’s Chinatown.  After moving to Los Angeles he had the opportunity to start acupuncture school. Douglas has since gone to Shanghai and Beijing for 3 educational trips.
Douglas has been active in the larger acupuncture community, moderating the on-line TCM group: Chinese Herbal Academy as well as publishing articles in the Caregiver Magazine. With Huabing Wen he has made the DVD, Finding the Acupuncture Points and is a Continuing Education Provider for the State of California. He has been a past Examiner of the California State Acupuncture Exam.
He maintains a private practice in West Los Angeles.
Graduate ECTOM 1996
National and State Licenses 1996

Clinic Supervisor at Emperor’s College & Yo-San University
externship supervision: Venice Family Clinic, LA Free Clinic

Instructor: Clinical Point Selection, Case Review, Advanced Formulas, Ear and Scalp Acupuncture, Acupuncture Techniques, Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine


Advanced training:
2 months clinical internship at Hua San and Zhong San Hospitals, Shanghai, China
One month and one month advanced training: 1st Beijing Hospital departments: Oncology, Hepatitis, Dermatology

Acupuncturist: Turnabout Acupuncture Drug Treatment Program, Santa Monica
Herbalist: Yo-San University

MFA: Art Institute of Chicago (film and photography)
Whitney Museum Program (art)
University of Kansas
One person and group shows: film, video and photography: New York, Chicago and Los Angeles