About Doug

I am a 1996 graduate of Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. Since that time I have been practicing and teaching in the area as well as traveling world wide to learn more. For 20 years I have been teaching and a clinic supervisor at Emperor’s College and Yo-San University in Santa Monica.

Me back in 2012?

I was born in Kansas and attended Kansas University, Hampshire College and the Art Institute of Chicago and Whitney Independent Study Program. In the 1980’s I was working as an artist and video editor in New York City near Chinatown. If I was ill l started visited the local herb shop to get better. Although I had acupuncture 10 years earlier I was especially impressed with my doctor’s skill in herbs.

PMPH press and Emperors College in Santa Monica.
With colleagues from PMPH press and Emperors College in Santa Monica.

In 1991 it was time to change careers and I came to Los Angeles and began acupuncture school at SAMRA and then Emperor’s College. What I found was an amazing medicine and philosophy that would take me on this long and wonderful journey. Since then I have been to China for 3 relatively short trips (as well as Portland, Boulder and Dublin!) and continually studied and educated myself. A few years after graduating in 1996 I was asked to join the teaching and clinical faculty at Emperors College and Yo-San University.

I have done 3 short internships and advanced study in China. There I studied: 1) Pain in Shanghai 2) Hep C in Beijing 3) oncology in Beijing. Going to China for a few months as an acupuncturist is like being a gondola driver and going to Venice, Italy. You get to see the real deal but you still aren’t an expert in navigating the canals. For that reason, I see Chinese medicine as a constant path of practice and study. 

With the director of the dermatology department at Beijing TCM Hospital.master of it. Since being there I have continued to study, learning new, old and better techniques for both acupuncture and Chinese herbs.
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
A book I co-wrote for the People’s Medical Publishing House in Beijing.